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Build peace, mindfulness and complete physical relaxation
Release your creativity and uncover new insights


R.E.S.T/Floating has been studied for decades and as the equipment gets more advanced, the research has become more clear than ever. Floating has benefits for everyone, even you! From Generalized Anxiety to Chronic Pain, floating has proven to have positive effects in many aspects of people’s lives. This is achieved by entering an environment that minimizes sensory input, allowing individuals to experience a unique experience of sensory isolation. This intentional reduction of stimuli has profound effects on the body and mind, leading to various therapeutic benefits.

When you enter Flow State our staff will walk you through what you can expect from your Float Session and answer any questions you might have. In your private suite, you will have everything you need for comfort and safety. After you finish showering, you can enter right into the Float Room and let the stress fade away. You will have the option to be in complete darkness and silence, or choose music and control the Starlight Ceiling and underwater lights. There is also a built in intercom system if you need to connect with the front desk at any point during your float.


Sensory deprivation, or floatation therapy, provides mental benefits like stress reduction, enhancing relaxation and inner peace. It improves mental clarity and focus by minimizing distractions, leading to increased creativity and cognitive function. Additionally, it stimulates endorphin production, inducing euphoria and a positive mood. This therapy acts as a sanctuary for the mind, offering a unique opportunity for relaxation, introspection, and mental rejuvenation.


Sensory deprivation, or floatation therapy, provides both mental and physical benefits. It promotes relaxation and stress reduction by creating a weightless environment that relieves muscle tension and lowers blood pressure. The therapy also alleviates chronic pain and aids in muscle recovery due to reduced joint pressure and the presence of magnesium in the Epsom salt solution. Additionally, sensory deprivation enhances sleep quality, leading to increased energy and physical vitality. Overall, it is a valuable practice for promoting physical well-being and rejuvenation.